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Step into my world of art and experience the magic my sketches can bring to your special day. As a BAFTA-credited animator with a background in fine art, I have developed a unique ability to capture the essence of my subjects with just a few lines. Whether I'm capturing you and your loved ones in your candid, curated, or choreographed moments, I guarantee you will love the way I transform your memories into a beautiful work of art.

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Prices starting from:
The Happily Ever After

Sketches from the ceremony, plus candid sketches of guests arriving before the wedding and during photos/cocktail hour. Pictures mounted during the meal, with spaces for guests to leave a message during the reception. Cost of frame not included. Digitising and formatting the drawings is available as an add-on.

The Best Day of Your Life

Sketches from the ceremony, guests arriving, photos/cocktail hour plus the wedding breakfast, the speeches, and the cutting of the cake. Drawings are digitised and will be formatted back in the studio into a digital and/or print-on-demand book to be shared with friends and family.

Original drawings are delivered unframed on the day. Framing is available as an optional add-on.

The Full Pumpkin

Every moment is captured live from the arrival of the first guest until the artist turns back into a pumpkin when the clock strikes midnight.

Drawings of the Wedding ceremony will be mounted with guests to leave a message during the reception, and an artist assistant will be available to frame drawings as party favours for guests. All sketches will be digitised and formatted into a digital and/or print-on-demand book to be shared with friends and family. Cost of frames not included.


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