Francesca grew up thinking she’d be a doctor but instead went to art school, which was transpired to be the best decision she ever made. She’s a traditionalist artist, preferring pencil and paper over digital media, but is reluctantly competent with various art and animation software.

At art school, she specialised in human anatomy, which progressed naturally to character animation, and she has a particular interest in colour theory, animated gloop, and the perfect, crisp edge of a painting when the masking tape is peeled away. She has very strong feelings on the colour red.

She lives with partner, Michael, and cat, Delicious, who keeps her company and sits in her wet paint in her home studio in Winchester, where she works primarily in watercolour and gouache. When out and about she uses Lamy fountain pens and water brushes, and for animating she uses pencil and paper, followed by TVpaint or ToonBoom.


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