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Step into my world of art and experience the magic my sketches can bring to your special day. As a BAFTA-credited animator with a background in fine art, I have developed a unique style of rapid sketching ('artography') that expresses the essence of my subjects in just a few moments with just a few lines. Whether I'm capturing you and your loved ones in your candid, curated, or choreographed moments, I guarantee you and your guests will love the way I transform your memories into beautiful works of art.

My name is Francesca, and I look forward to drawing at your wedding.

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2024 Prices

The Fairy Godmother

Drawings of key moments of the ceremony, and posed drawings of members of the wedding party and immediate family. Drawings are digitised and the originals are delivered along with a PDF e-book that can be shared with friends and family. (3-5 Hours)


The Happily Ever After

All the drawings of the Fairy Godmother, plus drawings of guests arriving, and during the transitional periods of ceremony to meal, meal to reception. Artistic interpretations of the speeches, and candid and photo-booth style drawings of guests as they celebrate your special day. (8-10 Hours)


The Full Pumpkin

Everything from the Happily Ever After Package, plus all the optional extras.. Drawings from the moment the artist arrives, until she turns back into a pumpkin at the end of the night. (12-14 Hours)



The Magic Mirror

Applicable only to the Happily Ever After Package An over-the-shoulder camera allows guests to watch in real-time as the drawings are created.


On The Wall

Drawings are digitised and framed on the day, either as a variation on a guest book with elements that guests can sign, or framed individually for guests to take away as wedding favours. Cost of frames is not included.


The Storybook

Digitised drawings are formatted into a print on demand book available in perpetuity on Amazon via Amazon Direct Publishing.


The First Dance

Applicable only to the Happily Ever After Package. Drawings of key moments of your first dance sketched live and finished in the studio from recordings taken on the night.


The Animation

A three to five minute animation of your special day. not included in the Full Pumpkin package



Let's talk

To book Ef Woodcock for your live event, please fill out the form below or contact us at: 

Thanks for contacting us!




Artography is the meeting point of art, animation, and photography.
I liken this technique to photography, but I am not a photographer, instead, I am the camera. I am the software that edits the image, and I am the chemical reaction that develops the film.
I reproduce the world around me in real-time, as I experience it, live and in person.

How many drawings will I get?

Many. Everything is dependent on what’s going on around me, but I can make up to fifteen or twenty sketches an hour, though more commonly I’ll be making eight to twelve.

How long does each drawing take?

The longer a subject is willing to stand still, the more detail I’ll be able to capture. My normal sketches take between 90 to 120 seconds, but at my wildest and most reckless I've worked in as little as 30 seconds.

Can my guests keep pictures of themselves?

As standard I take the sketches back to the studio to digitisation, and you can distribute them to guests as you please. If you want to let guests take them away as party favours, I will scan or photograph them so you'll be able to see all the work produced in a digital portfolio, which you can share with your friends and family too.

Can you make me taller/slimmer/more muscular?

I suppose I could, but why would I want to change anything about you when you’re already so wonderful?

Is this the best job ever?


Do you do other events too?

Absolutely. I will draw whenever and wherever people are willing to stand still for 90 to 120 seconds.

Is it just you?

If you've met me at a fayre or function, you've probably already met my beautiful assistant (and husband), Michael. We work events together, and he takes care of all of the organising and managing bits on the actual day, so that I'm free to forget about everything and get into an artistic flow. And yes, I do know how lucky I am to have him!

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